Canadian IT companies are going beyond their borders and heading to Africa

Since the creation of the African Digital Opportunity Association in 2018, the work to raise awareness among Canadian IT companies and the sector associations that represent them has been initiated to enable these companies to access promising markets outside borders.

The efforts have been concentrated on Africa for obvious reasons, e.g., a pool of young, dynamic, competent labor, important projects financed by international financial institutions, and the potential for partnerships with many specialized African companies to share skills and resources to meet these new projects.

The Canadian company is generally shy about accessing markets outside the commercial tradition, e.g., the United States, Latin America, China, and Europe. Since 2018, the African Digital Opportunity Association has led several missions to SITIC AFRICA and received missions from African companies in the information technology sector.
In Canada. The pandemic has slowed down the work, affecting all of us. It is now, in 2022, that

Canadians are taking the road to Abidjan to meet companies from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt,
Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Togo, Kenya, Gabon, Rwanda, Nigeria, Djibouti, Madagascar, from Jordan from the United Arab Emirates and of course from France, Belgium, Germany, and Italy.

This year, a Canadian pavilion will host Canadian companies seeking mutually beneficial trade, courtesy of Global Affairs Canada. CIPS Canada (Canada’s Association of Information Technology (IT) Professionals) is currently recruiting IT companies across Canada to participate in SITIC AFRICA in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, on May 30, 31 & June 1 2022.

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