Held this Monday, June the 10th at the Center for Enterprises and Innovation of Montreal (CEIM), the Pre-SITIC Africa workshop, « Doing Business with Africa », organized by Consultation Contacts Monde and led by Karl Miville de Chêne to help and guide the companies that are part of the Canadian mission headed by Export Québec and Global Affairs Canada and to get the most out of this SITIC Africa, under the leadership of the Minister of International Relations and Francophonie, Nadine Girault.

The participants received « the practical guide of exporters to Africa – Edition2019 ».

Each intervene was able to speak during the workshop to present his vision of the business world on the African continent.

Zaccaria Coulibaly, Head of the Economic Office at the Embassy of Senegal in Ottawa, highlighted the big amount of business opportunities that are to be seized in Africa, according to him, the most important part is to adapt to their culture, their way of doing business. Negotiation is part of their culture, African negotiators want to talk to each other, to know who you are, wher you come from, and what opportunities are available for both of you.

With the current impressive African growth rate, it is very important to focus on it now, to understand and seize it because this growth presents a lot of opportunities for business with African companies. Especially with the very small language barriers.

Frederic Dingemans, CEO of Opari, revealed that the most important part of doing business on the African continent is understanding their way of negotiating, and adapt to it. Things such as the decision-making process is different, but also to take your time to understand how they are expecting to proceed to negotiations; and make sure everything is well organized to understand this culture and its operating methods.

Emilie Trahan, Marketing and Development Manager at Opari, adds that it is necessary to create a certain affinity with them, and to set the differences between Canada and Africa before starting a business with them.

The participants included Malek Kacem, Project Manager at GREEN AVIATION RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT NETWORK, and Simon Mercier, Product Manager at MapGears, both of whom expressed interest in Africa, especially because they will be a part of the Canadian mission during the SITIC Africa this year in Tunis.

This workshop highlighted the African potential, the SITIC AFRICA CANADA will take place from the 12th to the 13th of november 2019 in Montreal.

In order to connect decision-makers and developers of digital domain projects in Africa and Canada and create a collaborative path between Canadian companies and African decision makers who will come to Montreal specifically for the event.


For more information, please contact

Guy Mpembele at 514-387-9009.

Written by Hugo Rodriguez.

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